Choose the best option for each blank space. Text adapted from Daily Mail

Millions of parents are being left in the dark by their tech-savvy children. That's the conclusion of a new study that claims two thirds of parents don't realise their children are learning coding at school or nursery and feel ________ (able) to help them.

Many _______________ to being baffled at hearing infants talk about 'hyperlinks', 'pop-ups' and 'downloads' and in some cases, young children are educating their parents.

Words such as 'Password', 'software' and 'icons' are frequently used by youngsters, with seven in 10 parents reporting they have heard their children saying words like 'bug', 'cookie' and 'algorithm', __________ to a Fisher-Price poll of parents with children aged three to eight.

___________ most parents have some knowledge of computers, a quarter admitted they are out their depth when it comes to helping with homework related to computer coding their children may now be learning at school.

More than half of those polled said that _______their child did bring coding work home with them, they would just leave them to it, with almost three quarters of parents wishing they understood more.

'British children are among the most advanced when it comes to their ___________(know) of computing and coding,' said a spokesperson for Fisher-Price, which recently launched a new pre-school learning toy called Code-a-Pillar.

The UK paves the way in terms of including coding on the curriculum – and parents ____________ (certain) believe this is a positive step in education for their children.

'Mums and dads are quick to recognise the benefits of their children learning coding at such a young age. 'With a large majority of parents saying the new curriculum will encourage their children to think __________(creative), logically, and independently.

'But this rapid rise of the digital revolution means that some parents who aren't exposed to the same language_______a daily basis could struggle to keep up with their little ones.'

A third of parents admitted they don't have any understanding of coding and almost nine in 10 said they are completely baffled ________ their child talks about 'programming' at home. One third of those polled are relying on their children to share their knowledge and skills.

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