Read and choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.

I've told you not to __________my ball pens!

Criminals who ________the law may face prison.

The government wants to ________ a law banning graffity.

As soon as the police have evidence against him, they will _______charges.

They were charged __________murder.

You can't just take the law ______your hands.

A letter has been sent demanding a/an ___________.

The politician was charged for attempting to __________ a police officer.

They put him_________arrest.

They eventually let him______with a small fine.

The word for the permission that is given to a prisoner to leave prison at the end of their sentence on the condition that they behave well is called...

It's easy for buglers to ____________ ______ houses if the owners don't use a security system.

The police found a dead body in a shed. They think it was ______________

They were caught with sacks full of false money so they were done for_________

The gunmen took three __________during the bank robbery.

Some people believe that tougher punishments would __________crime.

Men are known to _______more crimes than women.

She ______him for years threatening to tell his wife about their affair.

A commutable punishment can be made ...

Cameras were set all around the shop to catch ____________.

There are many ____________ in the city nowadays.

Technology has certainly been the cause of _______________

Students ___________ violently all over the country.

The police warned that anyone caught __________ the shops would be severely punished.

After the fire, investigators suspect it was deliberately caused by a/an __________.

What type of punishment will the person be given in the sentence 'If he is caught again he will be given a custodial sentence'?

The money that a person agrees to pay if a person accused of commiting a crime does not appear at their trail.

Fortunately, ___________ away with a crime is becoming harder and harder to do.

Forensic science has produced software that can _________ a document with the printer that produced it.

He was found guilty of _______________ $ 250 000 public funds.

An increase in tax on tobacco has meant that __________has become more frequent.

I really can't see the benefit of applying ____________punishment.

A type of punishment where a person is made to leave a place, especially a country.

Her solicitor told her to __________guilty at court.

A type of punishment where a person is made to do work or help people without being paid.

An autopsy __________ the man's death to a heart attack.

Young __________may get off with a warning.

Judge Jude said he had yet to meet a criminal totally without any ____________ feature.

This evidence can be vital in clearing up crimes and ___________ innocents.

The detectives carefully collected__________from the scene of the crime.

A group of rebels _____________ the port area and most of the northern suburbs.

They are merely ______________ their right to free speech.

The accident was caused by my neighbour ________________.

Violence erupted last week as ________ demonstrations took place across the country in the third general strike this year.

Vandalism is such a/an ___________ behaviour.

My mother always told me to be ___________ of strangers.

Police have arrested four ____________ in connection to the recent acts of vandalism.

Prison is the only sure way to protect the public from ____________ criminals.

The gunman _________ a woman to drive him across the city, stopping to shoot at bystanders.

The culprits must expect to face the full ________ of the law.

He is charged with causing death by __________ driving.

A judge refused a plea by his family to _________ the case.

The attack is one of a series of savage sexual___________ on women in the university area.

Assault and __________ is the crime of attacking someone and causing them physical harm.

The police were defending themselves and others against ____________ danger.

He was acquitted on charges of assault with a _________ weapon.

He was interviewed by police but provided an ____________ placing him at a party.

They are being made the ______________ for all the ills of society.

Gordnick pleads guilty to evidence ____________.

Most criminals steal in order to sell their __________ for cash on the black market.

They tied her to a chair in the nursery and then ____________ her house looking for cash and valuables.

Child _________ is the crime of removing a child from its rightful home.

In 1977 he was _________ of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

He believes the government already is ________ with drug traffickers.

One of the problem areas is __________ security for airport personnel.

________________ is the illegal killing of a person by someone who did not intend to kill them.

He pleaded guilty to six ____________.

Emily knew nothing about her husband's _______________.

They believed that his case would never come to _________.

At this rate, we could find ourselves in the divorce ________!

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