Read the questions and click the best option.

If somebody at work considers you to be green. What do you lack?

The media is bombing us with urgent messages about going green. What is being demanded from us?

A friend has just told you that she's going to find out about a green party. What was she talking about?

Which of the following options is synonym of 'having/giving permission to do something'?

Your sister has her house full of beautiful plants (all yours die within the first month :( ) Apart from disappointment you feel a bit green ...

Your sister's success in gardening is surely due to that she has...

What is the meaning of greenmail?

If somebody shouts at you saying something like 'Oi you! Keep off the green!' What are you doing wrong?

In what place will you probably see the Green Man?

What do greenkeepers look after?

What is a greenback?

If somebody mentions the green-eyed monster, what are they talking about?

In the US you are sometimes required to get a Green Card. What does this involve?

If you go to a green belt area, what won't you find?

A person with a greenhorn is...

A greencollar is a person who...

A green audit is ...

Who is likely to benefit from the Green Cross Code in the UK?

I hope you enjoyed the activity. If you did, feedback is welcome. :-)