You are going to listen to an interview about the influence of Skiffle music on British rock bands. Listen twice and choose the best answer according to what you hear.

Play the video twice and after answer the questions. You can read the questions first to make sure you understand what information you must listen for.

Billy Bragg became famous ...

What happened to Lonnie Donegan in the 50s?

What did British teenagers find most appealing about Lonnie Donegan's music?

When did skiffle music arrive on the British scene?

What does the video mention about James Page from Led Zeppelin?

What was the immediate effect of having so many British teenagers playing skiffle?

What does the video mention about Petula Clark?

What band does Billy Bragg admit had been the most influential one for his music back in the 70s?

The video is from PBS NewsHour. I hope you enjoyed the activity. If you did, feedback is welcome. :-)