Watch the video and say whether the statements are true or false. The video is from The National CBC News

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Food companies use science to find out how people react to food.

Moss was surprised to find out that food contains a large amount of ingredients that produce pleasure.

Kelly discovered that the main aim of science behind food engineering was to make as much profit as possible.

Once Bruce Bradley became aware of how processed food was elaborated, he became concerned about food policies.

According to Michael Moss, food companies use a wide diversity of products during the process of creating highly addictive food.

Pat, an ex-food addict has finally managed to get over her food addiction.

Unilever, made incredible advances by using scientists that analysed how the brain reacted to food.

Only the brain is involved in making food extremely palatable.

Michael Moss explains that the concept called 'Vanishing Caloric Density' refers to the feeling of food melting in people's mouth.

According to Kelly, food preservatives and chemicals are added to food to preserve them and make them taste better.

Lately, the food industry is changing its products for more healthy food in order to help people gain better eating habits.

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