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Disclaimer: the video is from youtuber 2900 Happinessfan

Pre-teaching vocabulary

An appointment= a formal arrangement to meet somebody for a reason related to work or health,
Broken = when a bone is broken it has been completely damaged.
complaint sheet= a piece of paper to make formal complaints
snotty= (informal) a dirty nose
Curb/kerb = the edge raised at the side of a road
Fractured= when a bone is fractured it is partly broken.
Trip on/over = to catch your foot on something and fall or almost fall
to fall flat on your face= to fall so that you are lying on your front
x-ray= a photo of your bone structure

Page Heading

When did the woman have an accident?

Where exactly did the woman have an accident?

The receptionist wanted a tissue because she had a ______nose.

What does the woman want?

What does the woman say about her injury?

What does the receptionist suggest the woman should do in order to book an appointment?

The receptionist said that the woman was lucky because_____

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