Read the grammar bite of each modal and after do the activity.

Modals of deduction: may and might

These modals are used when we think that something is possible. It's very similar to saying 'perhaps' A:Where are they going for their holidays? B: I don't know. They may/might go to Scotland because they want to see the Highlands. (meaning perhaps)

Modal of deduction: must

We use must when we are very sure about something.
A: Shall I call Linda at the office?
B: Yes, it's already 10:00 so she must be there right now.

Modal of deduction: can't

We use can't when we are sure that something is not possible or not true.
A: Look! There are lights in the house. Linda must be in.
B: She can't be in the house! We talked to her twenty minutes ago on her phone and she was still at the office.

They ________be very tired because they have been travelling all night.


You _________be hungry after such a huge meal.


She _________be Scottish with a surname like Hernández.

You _________feel very relaxed after your holiday.

Polo bear

They _______know each other very well. They have been talking on the phone for an hour.

Sheila hasn't come to work today. She______be ill.

Thomas is always on time and today he's late. That's very strange. He _______be stuck in a traffic jam.

traffic jam

Jane is raising charity for stray animals. She ______ love animals very much.

stray animal

They ________be getting married! They only met a month ago.

Congratulations for passing your exam. You ______be very pleased.