For questions 1-11, read the text below and decide which answer best fits each gap.

Scrolling through Instagram, you’re 1) ___ to come across many popular sites offering loads of clothes at really low prices and they update much quicker than the high street. But how are these online retailers impacting the environment? And what role does social media play in the "wear it once" trend?

MPs released a report last week outlining their worries about fast fashion's effect on the environment. They found that British shoppers are buying twice as many items of clothing as they did 10 years ago and that 2)___ clothes are piling up in landfill sites.

According to the MP’s report, the fashion industry is a major 3) ___ of the greenhouse gases that are overheating the planet.

Patsy Perry, a fashion marketing lecturer at the University of Manchester, claimed that many websites are designed to 4)__ people to buy more and trade on very, very frequently renewing collections, more so than many traditional high street retailers.

As well as the availability of new clothes, the trend of posting outfits on social media makes some women feel like they can't wear the same thing more than once, says Patsy. "We see celebrities doing that - all the big 5)__ and you barely see them wearing the same thing twice," she adds

Natasha Daniels , who runs a site called Our Daily Thread, agrees. ‘The pressure to update your wardrobe all the time is real and needs to be addressed,’ says Natasha. But she worries that the retailers are being used as an easy 6) ___ for an underlying cultural attitude and prefers to look at the reasons why people are turning to fast fashion.

"I think we've got a real crisis in confidence in young people and when you pair that with the Instagram culture of: 'I don't want to wear the same outfit twice', people buy new clothes in 7) __."

But the motivation isn't the same for everyone. Shoppers on a 8)__ aren't buying clothes to wear once, they're buying cheap clothes because they can't afford more expensive options, says Natasha.

There's no doubt that online fast fashion is booming, but there is also a growing awareness among young people that constant clothing 9)___ is impacting the environment, says Sara McAlpine, ELLE UK's fashion features editor. Her magazine recently surveyed its readers and found that 9 in 10 wanted to know more about sustainability.

Natasha says we should be encouraging people to buy things they really love, instead of shaming them for buying things at all. And when you are finished with a piece of clothing, don't throw it in the bin. "Give it to a charity shop or put it in a clothes 10) ___," says Hannah Carter from Love Not Landfill, a campaign to encourage clothing sustainability.

Changing your shopping habits is difficult, says Patsy, from the University of Manchester: "It's like fast food, it's easy, you get a quick fix, a buzz when you buy it." But the main driver of change would be an ``11) __ where people don't feel ashamed of wearing the same thing again," she added.

Activity adapted from BBC News 'Can you be sustainable if you're into fast fashion online?