Listen to this video by Dav Pilkey (author of Captain Underpants) who is drawing and talking about the power of reading. After, answer the questions.

Listening activity by Serena

Dav Pilkey says that we have all heard famous people saying 'Reading gives you super powers'

The famous saying. Here saying is a noun and not the present continuous of the verb 'say' Do you know any famous saying from your own culture? Something like 'Pájaro en mano vale más que mil volando' ?

Have you ever stopped ________________ about it?

'stop to do something' means stop doing something to do something else. E.g. I stopped to talk to my friend. Meaning that I was walking along the road, on my way to work and I saw a friend of mine, so I stopped walking so that I could say hello and chat for a while. Stop doing something= that you don't do something any more. E.g. I stopped talking to my friend (I'm angry and I'm never going to talk to her/him ever again)

Dav says that television can't teach us.

When we watch a programme or a film, we are being very creative.

When people read, there are no special effects or costume designs or soundtracks.

Dav says that when we read, our mind has to work creating the scenes that appear in a book.

The more we read, the less we use our imagination.

Using our imagination gives us super powers.

Activity created for by Serena