Watch the video and say if the statements below are true or false.

Nearly one third of planet earth suffers from a lack of water.

It is believed that by 2040 twenty more countries will have water scarcity.

Over two thirds of the planet’s drinking water is in the form of ice.

One of the reasons that water is not made available to some regions is due to that it is too expensive.

Twenty of the planet’s 37 underwater reservoirs are already empty.

Humanity will suffer water scarcity due to the fact that the planet loses water.

More water is consumed by factories that in the household.

Agriculture consumes a 37 per cent of the world’s water.

Many farmers are currently using modern farming techniques in order to save water.

The farming industry has laid the basis for others to reduce and recycle water.

Humanity’s water footprint could be reduced by consuming fewer vegetables.

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