Watch the video and answer, true or false. Listening activity by Serena.

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Pre-teaching vocabularyPre-teaching words : Cabinet= small cupboard - Ceiling= the inside part of a building on the inside of a roof. - Floor= either the bottom part of a building on ground level or one of the levels of a building. - Four-burner stove= cooker with four parts where flames come out. - Loft= the upper part of a house under the roof. Used for storing or for a bedroom. - Storage= a place to keep things in or the items that are kept in a cupboard or a draw.

The man says that they stayed at this house for some days.

They are still there.

A friend has invited them to stay at the house.

It was a friend of a friend.

This is the biggest cabin out of the three that the owner has.

If you travel a quarter of a mile, you will reach a river.

The house is surrounded by trees.

The kitchen has a four-stove burner and a large oven.

The bathroom has a big shower although it's quite small.

The speaker doesn't like the tubes that look industrial.

There's a table where four people can sit.

There's a window has a roller shades for privacy and to stop too much light entering the tiny house.

The stairs have a wooden railing.

stainless steal.

The loft has a glass panel to allow people to see the outside views.

The house is about twenty minutes from Quebec.

The house is where the man's friend lives all year round.

It's for renting to visitors of the area.

The houses were built less than a year ago by the owners.

Over a year.

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