For-and-against essays

for and against essay

For Advanced level, there are three main structures for essays. Here is a map of all three.

structure of essays

First of all, let's have a look at an introduction. This for-and-against essay will deal with the topic of 'Gap Year' which is becoming more and more popular among students. Read the following samples and guess the missing words.

Introduction of a 'for-and-against' essay

essay 1

What type of language is being used?

'Nowadays, it is becoming fashionable among students to take a year...' is an_____?

The final line 'However is it .....?' Is a_______?

Keys to first paragraph: off - gain - waste

Now we are going to see the second paragraph. Try to guess the missing words from the text.

Second paragraph

essay 2

The second paragraph is dealing with_______?

Does the paragraph enumerate the advantages ?

Keys to second paragraph: advantages - about - path - broaden - gain - towards

We are going to see the third paragraph. Try to guess the missing words.

Third paragraph

essay 3

The third paragraph is dealing with______?

Keys to third paragraph: there - from - means - therefore

Now let's look at the fourth paragraph. Try to guess the missing words.

Fourth paragraph


The fourth paragraph is the last paragraph of the essay.

'Overall' means __________

'to outweigh' something in this text means__________?

Keys to fourth paragraph: against - However - as - benefit

That's all for now! If you found this activity helpful, feedback is very welcome. ;-)

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