letter of complaint1


letter of complaint2


letter of complaint3


letter of complaint4

Look at the introduction and choose the option that best describes it.

letter of complaint6

If you think that some parts of the previous extract could be improved, which ones would you change?

Improved sample

letter of complaint7

In the first paragraph, there are some parts of the text that should be improved. Read and choose the number of improvements that should be changed.

letter of complaint8

Do you think the register is formal?

letter of complaint8

Is the text repeating any part of the instructions on the activity sheet? Repeating whole sentences from the activity sheet is penalised in an exam.

letter of complaint8

Is the language range interesting and of a B2 level?

letter of complaint8

Look at the sample. Red would mark low in appropriacy, blue in range and green in grammatical correctness.

letter of complaint9

How would you improve this sample? Try to improve it and after see the next slide.

Here's an improved sample. It avoids repeating whole sentences, uses 'would like' instead of 'want to'. It also uses a wider vocabulary related to 'rubbish' and the writer has also used an inversion.

letter of complaint10

Read the second part of the text related to problems. How many errors can you spot?

letter of complaint11

The words in red would be errors within ...

letter of complaint12

The words in green would be errors within ...

letter of complaint12

The word 'kids' is ...

letter of complaint12

The use of 'couldn't' is ...

letter of complaint12

How would you explain this second problem to a local authority? Spend some time doing this before looking at the next slide.

There are many possibilities, so this one is only a suggestion and doesn't mean that others have been ruled out. Remember to be polite, clear, grammatically correct and to use a wide range of words and structures.

letter of complaint13

You may still have some time for a nice last paragraph before your closing lines. How successful do you think the sample is?

letter of complaint14

How threatening was that last paragraph?

Feed back: Come on! We said be polite. Being polite doesn't mean you're not going to put your message forward efficiently and if you're rude the recipient may not react in the way the situation demands. The instructions of the task haven't said anything about taking the authorities to court. Rather than this, we should be asking them to have our complaints in mind and to avoid these situations in the future. Apart from being quite rude and threatening, the extract also contains: contractions, grammar errors and a low vocabulary range.


letter of complaint15

And last of all, your closing lines. This is the most typical type.

letter of complaint16

That's all for now! If you found this activity helpful, feedback is welcome. ;-)

letter of complaint17

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